Frequently Asked

01. What is scented flower?

Scented flowers are beautiful hand-made soap look just like real flowers and use it as a perfect gift for someone or a lovely treat for yourself.

02. What is the flowers smell?

Very moderate smell like a real natural flower. Not too strong.

03. Can I take the flowers out of the box?

No.For optimal appearance,customers cannot take the flowers out of the box.Removing them will damage and ruin the arrangement.

04. What if I receive broken pieces?

If a piece arrives damaged, please contact us immediately and send us the evidence.

05. Does Jenny De Fleur Deliver?

Jenny De Fleur offers delivery on all of our beautiful arrangements. We even offer deliveruies to all over Peninsular Malaysia. You may qualify for same day/next day hand delivery based on eligibility.

06. Do Jenny De Fleur flowers last a year?

Jenny De Fleur will last a year of more 3-5 years with good care and maintained.