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On International Women’s Day, both men and women give the gift of flowers to the best women in their lives to show their appreciation. Though mimosa flowers play a big part in the history of this long-celebrated holiday, there are several other flowers that also make a perfect gift to be given on this International Women’s Day.

1 Purple Roses For Strong Women:

Roses typically carry the meaning of romance and love, but each colour has its own specific meaning. Associated with enchantment, passion, sophistication and royalty, purple roses are an excellent pick for International Women’s Day.

 4 Purple Roses For Hard Working Women:

Tulips are breathtaking spring flowers that are not only colourful and elegant, but also look fantastic on their own as well as in combination with other flowers. With a wide range of colour options available, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of tulips.

9 Purple Roses To Show Your Gratitude & Love:

Apart from roses, carnation is another popular flower type that can be gifted on International Women’s Day. Symbolising respect and friendship, carnations possess charm and allure, and are known to captivate the recipient. Choose white carnations to show your gratitude and red carnations to express your pure love.


9 Purple Roses for For Inspiring Women:

Lilies are known to capture the essence of femininity, which make them a perfect pick for women’s day. Though they generally represent purity and devotion, their meaning can vary depending on their type and colour.

Jennife Shamini Alexander