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Top 5 Flowers for Mother’s Day


A tried and true bouquet of elegant roses never misses the mark for Mother’s Day. Choose yellow for joy, dark pink for gratitude and appreciation, pale pink for admiration. But there’s no need to get hung up on roses’ symbolic meanings.

Choose her favorite hues and you won’t go wrong with these all-time favorite flowers for Mother’s Day.


Did you pick bouquets of dandelions for your mom when you were a kid? An arrangement overflowing with wildflowers is a grown-up way to capture that free-range spirit—without the risk of bee stings.

Daisies are one of the top 10 flowers for Mother’s Day, and these sweet wildflowers come in many colors, though white with a yellow center is the most iconic.


It turns out that some moms are painfully practical. If this sounds familiar, we suggest skipping the extravagant basket overflowing with exotic blooms and going with a beautiful arrangement heavy on carnations. They can be modest and charming or quite elegant and dramatic depending on the colors and styling, but they’re never ostentatious.


With blooms the size of a softball, it doesn’t take many hydrangea stems to create a truly spectacular show. They’ll last about a week with a little care, and they dry beautifully.


Tulips are perhaps the perfect flower for Mother’s Day, as they aren’t overly romantic and come in a variety of colors and meanings. This popular flower is a beautiful sign that we’re being ushered into Spring.

Pink tulips are definitely the most appropriate choice for friends and family.

Jennife Shamini Alexander