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What are Scented Flowers

What are Scented Flowers?


Scented flowers are beautiful hand-made soap look just like real flowers and use it as a perfect gift for someone or a lovely treat for yourself.


JENNY DE FLEUR Scented flowers are perfectly soap forming and have a precise soap scent.

With the scented flowers, we can have a warm and relax bath by adding a few petals. The flowers will dissolve in the water and become colorful water with a great scent. It will also leave our skin soft and smell good.


Scented flowers come in various contrasting colours, shapes, and sizes that cannot be recreated with real flowers, and have no chance of fracturing or tearing, making them ideal for daedalian arrangements.


JENNY DE FLEUR unique flower gift for someone you loved or respect also they are just as elegant in wedding gifts, bouquets, and home decor.


It’s designed in beautiful and practical soap petals that come in the shape of real flowers lookalike, scented flowers come in various contrasting colours, shapes, and sizes that cannot be recreated with real flowers, We can either use them decoratively in our favorite dish or apothecary jar to fragrance bathroom or use a few petals as a single use soap for cleansing like handwashing.


Suitable for everyone in pedicure and bath.


They are artificial flowers so they will stay forever


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How to Care For Fresh Flowers

Beware of Temperature Changes

Do you get a chill when you step into a blast of air-con? Your flowers do too. The constant change of temperature is not good for any of us. Florist JENNY DE FLEUR are very conscious of this – we have been told that flowers will catch a cold if left too long in a cold room. That said flowers do prefer a cool environment. We have found that flowers also prefer a constant cool temperature, including at night. In the evening, when we turn off the living room aircon, our vase of flowers moves to the bedside table and in the morning moves back. Think of it as keeping your flowers comfortable for the night.

Avoid Direct Light

Natural light brings out the beauty of pretty much everything. Flowers look great near a window but in our tropical climate, the sun & warmth streaming through the glass heat them up.Always remember to “avoid direct sunlight and always store environment.”

Store Flowers away from fruits

Keep fresh cut flowers away from fruits. Mellowing fruits release ethylene gas that can decrease the lifespan of your fresh arrangement.

Caring for your flowers

Caring for freshly cut flowers can be demanding but as the saying goes. Having freshly cut flowers around your house not only lift up the room but JENNY DE FLEUR believe its also uplift’s one’s mood and can positively affect one’s mental state of mind.