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Here are meanings, If a man gives flowers to a woman

flower. Therefore, it can be seen that men like to send flowers to women, which actually has different meanings

This man has a good impression of this woman.

If a man sends flowers to a woman, to a certain extent, it means that the man has begun to have a good impression of the woman. Because there are many flower language of flowers, sending flowers can express men’s love for women. Moreover, flowers are a relatively beautiful thing. Women will feel very happy after seeing them. Receiving flowers from men is actually a relatively proud thing for women. Therefore, when a man sends flowers to a woman, to a certain extent it expresses his liking for the other party, and to a certain extent it pleases the woman.

Express men’s love for women.

When two couples in love are together, if the man gives the woman a flower, it expresses the man’s deep love for the woman. In fact, the act of sending flowers can add a bit of fun to the couple and add a bit of fun to their boring relationship. If one day, the woman receives a bunch of flowers, the woman will be overjoyed, and will be more moved, increasing her love for her boyfriend.

To thank the woman.

If a boy sends flowers to a girl, it may be that the girl has helped the boy before and brought some hope to the boy. So boys will thank girls by sending flowers. In fact, at this time, girls should not care too much about whether the other party likes them or not. In fact, there are a lot of times when giving flowers to them, they do not necessarily like them.

may also mean thanks, so girls must see who they are with when they receive flowers, and then guess the meaning behind them. If you get it wrong, it’s embarrassing.

Comfort girls.

If a girl is ill, or encounters something else that makes the girl fall into infinite grief, a bunch of flowers from a boy can give you a little motivation. Because everyone likes beautiful things, sometimes flowers can motivate and please women.

Therefore, when women in grief receive flowers, their mood will be relieved a bit, so they will have the motivation to face life. In fact, the act of giving flowers to girls is very gentlemanly. This man may not like this woman. So through the act of sending flowers, it shows the qualities of a gentleman.

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6 Romantic Ways to Give Flowers to Your Lady Love

For centuries, people have been expressing their love for their partner with gorgeous flowers. These beautiful creations of nature convey heartfelt emotions in thoughtful ways and according to  JENNY DE FLEUR leave a lasting impression. Be it your sweetheart’s birthday, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, you can surprise her with flowers as a powerful expression of your love. Be a little more creative and gift her flowers in a romantic way to add spark to your relationship. The way you present flowers can make her truly happy and bloom with joy.

Sometimes, it is exactly the way in which you give her the flowers that counts. After all, you do want to create the memories which will live forever. If you are running out of the ideas, or you are not exactly the romantic type, don’t worry. Continue reading further to find out how to be romantic and give flowers to your lady love.

Send Her Flowers at Work

Visit here for a bouquet online and avail flower delivery in London to your wife or girlfriend’s place of work. It will be quite a pleasant surprise for your lady amidst the chaos of work. Everybody would love a surprise like that on a hard and gloomy day at work. She’ll appreciate such a heartfelt gesture that will also show her colleagues how beautiful a relationship she has. Furthermore, she will be able to brag about her thoughtful boyfriend. Don’t forget to tag a sweet love note along with the bouquet to put a big smile on her face.

Gift Flowers to Make Her Smile

You don’t always need a reason to impress your lady with ravishing flowers. Women enjoy receiving unexpected gifts now and then. The flowers don’t even have to very expensive or luxurious. You can simply pick a long-stemmed red rose from a floral shop or any other famous flower widely grown in London that your lady likes the most to convey your message of love and care. A surprise visit with an unexpected gift is something that she will deeply adore from the bottom of her heart.

Make Up For Your Absence with Flowers

There can’t be anything more painful than two people madly in love with each other are separated by miles of distance. They crave to see, feel, and talk to each other more than anything. Even when you are away from your sweetheart, you can sizzle romance in your relationship by sending flowers for her. The soft touch and pleasant fragrance of blooms will make your lady feel close to you and ignite the love and passion in your relationship.

Gift Her Flowers on a Special Date

Be it your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, a romantic date is a great idea to celebrate and create sweet memories with your sweetheart. How about you stop by a florist shop on your way to the restaurant and pick some beautiful flowers for your lady? The pleasant sight of flowers will melt her heart and make her fall in love with you all over again. Suddenly your date will become even more special which will add more fun to your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you buy her a present, combining that with flowers is a perfect gift altogether.

Gift Her Flowers on a Regular Day

Even though buying your girlfriend flowers on a special occasion has benefits of its own, buying her flowers ‘just because’ is even more romantic. Surprise her when she gets home, after an exhausting day at work and gift her the most beautiful bouquet. Say that there is no reason behind the gesture and that you only wanted to do something nice for her.  She might even appreciate the gesture more if there is no reason behind it. It only proves that you were thinking about her and wanted her to know that.

Buy Her Flowers to Cheer Her Up

Everybody has those sad days, when they are just not feeling well. What better way to cheer a woman up than with flowers? Not only will she appreciate the effort, but she will also be thankful and happy. In that wat you will definitely put a smile on her face and make her forget the problems she had to face earlier that day. Make sure that you get her favourite flowers. For example, if you know that she likes roses, get the roses. This simple gesture will show her that you actually thought about her and that you didn’t buy it only because you know that it’s the right thing to do. Also, gifting her favourite flowers will make the whole gesture more personal.


In conclusion, we hope these ideas help you woo your sweetheart and add more love to your relationship. Remember that such a simple gesture as gifting your girlfriend flowers can make a huge difference. It doesn’t matter if you don’t spend a lot of money, it has an emotional value, which is in fact priceless. She will remember your gesture forever. On the top of that, keep in mind that very often gifting something like this has more effect than buying an expensive item. It’s the gesture that counts!

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7 Ways to Impress your Crush with Gifts

Express Your Feeling with Flowers

Let’s start with a simple yet classic gift that can bring a smile to the face of even the most stubborn people. A bouquet of beautiful roses, lilies, carnations, or the favourite flower of your crush is sure to woo her. It is a subtle gesture that reminds the receiver of their importance in your life. You can look up different gifts for crush online, but the idea of gifting flowers always remains at the top of the list. You can give her a colourful bouquet of fresh flowers that will make her day brighter and memorable. Add a gift card along with it that suitably expresses your message to her, and she will surely be left smiling!

Give a Personalised Gift

A personalized gift never fails to make a permanent impression on a person’s mind, so give it your all with a gift that is close to her and means a lot. It could be a photo frame or simply a mug with her name on it, but the personal touch will surely catch her fancy. Know her interests and what she likes to do, which will give you a better idea about what to gift her. For example, if she is a person who works a lot and is dedicated to it, you could give her a personalized pen with her name on it that would make for the perfect gift! It will remind her of you whenever she is busy working.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Chocolates!

If you haven’t known her for a long time and are unable to decide on a quick and simple gift, a chocolate box is the best gift for her! The chocolate lover in her will surely be excited to receive this delicious gift. Chocolates are the best choice because they naturally induce a happy feeling on eating, that will work to your advantage! Wrap some of her favourite chocolates into an exquisite basket for a quick DIY gift for crush.

Let an Adorable Plant Say it for You!

Gifting a plant is probably the most wholesome way of letting someone know how you feel for them. It makes for the perfect gift for crush girls as it lasts for a long time and keeps reminding them of you! A handsome bamboo plant in a glass vase would be enough to catch her eye and keep you in her mind. Her thoughts will immediately go to you whenever she waters it or notices it growing. A bamboo plant is often considered a source of luck, so it might just work as a lucky charm for you!

Get her a Hamper as a Special Surprise

If simple is too boring for you and you want to go all out, you can get her a delightful gift hamper of all the things she loves. An all-in-one Romantic gift hamper is perfect if you want to really surprise her and take her breath away. It is the best gift for a girlfriend or crush and will make her day memorable. If you feel a romantic hamper is a lot, you can also go for flower combos that include the most elegant and cheerful flowers like gerberas that will surely lighten the mood. You can also find amazing birthday gift hampers for a boyfriend that will make his day brighter!

Get Her a Birthday Cake

If it’s her birthday, then you should not forget the most important gift- a delicious birthday cake! Pick her favourite flavour, be it chocolate, pineapple, or a yummy strawberry cake, and she will be elated to find her name on it! Plan a special surprise for her and throw her a little cake cutting party with friends that will work like a charm and bring her closer to you.

Give Her Exquisite Jewellery and Accessories 

Any girl loves to be pampered with loads of gifts and especially fashionable accessories she can flaunt. Get her some trendy bangles or earrings that she can use, and she will surely appreciate you for this thoughtful gift!

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5 Ways to Impress your Crush with Gifts

Those butterflies in your stomach are hinting that you are crushing hard over someone. Are they not?

What’s next? Looking for ways to impress your crush? As usual, we have got your back. So, cruise through our list of ways to impress your crush with gifts that will help you sweep them off their feet!

Express with Gorgeous Flowers

beautiful bunch of flowers is the answer to your ‘how to impress your crush’ question. They will make things pretty easy for you by bringing an instant smile to your crush’s face!

Give it A Personal Touch

Personalised gifts convey all your feelings. Get a personalised cushion with a quote that says it all. You can even get personalised gadgets or a personalised wine box along with a vintage wine bottle to impress your crush.

Go All Out by Getting a Hamper

An extravagant hamper with snacks, chocolates, and other goodies is one of the best gifts for her or him. Just go all out and shower all your love over them!

Say it with Romantic Songs

Get a pen drive and add all extra cheesy songs on it. Give it to your crush and make them feel special! To make it extremely special, get a personalised pen drive for them!

Chocolates can Never go Wrong

Get a bouquet or a box of chocolates to impress her/him and to satiate the inner chocolate lover in her/him!

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5 Things A Girl Wants to Hear From a Guy

Being in a relationship is something special, but maintaining the same relationship with the same person for a lifetime is an achievement in recent times. Today, it is becoming harder to look for people who are constantly in a relationship with the same one. There are different reasons for it. One important thing you need to do for saving your relationship is having a better understanding of each other.

When it comes to compromising or moving smooth relationships with girls, you need to follow certain things. This is because they always think about their men and expect them to do certain things. As men, you might be driven by different thoughts, but women carry the thoughts of her men all the time. So, do you feel that you are facing some issues in your relationship frequently? Here are certain things that your girl wishes to hear from you. Make use of it to grow the level of understanding with your partner. This will help to enhance your relationship and make it live time one.

1. Compliment her intelligence

Every girl is beautiful in her own and the real man will know to praise it and this is one important thing expected by all the girls. You can call her pretty, smart, which will motivate her intelligence and appearance. She loves to feel incredible and unique from the eyes of her partner. You can also give her some gifts frequently and try to compliment her. Through she is not smart enough, this will make her feel so and behave accordingly. Thus, with or without knowing, she will become more smart and intelligent.

2. Open up with your feelings honestly 

All the girls love when her man is telling how he is actually feeling with her. This is also a thrilling factor to know for any girls. When you feel it is special, you can praise her. However, not all the time, you might be honest. So, you can try to convey things in such a way that she does not get hurt. When you feel something bad about her activities or her appearance, tell her she would be good when she is choosing some alternate. Remember that most girls will get hurt easily and so, handle with the right words.

3. Speak about some exciting aspects of the future 

Every girl will have thousands of dreams towards the future and togetherness. So, they will also expect you to have a bit of it. So do not need to urge her to get married or so deep into the future life. Instead, you can share how you wish to live with her and some of your future plans. It might be personal or with your family, try to speak out. At the same time, it is not to force her to do something. When she disagrees with the things you are speaking, just be calm and leave it for a few days. Then you can try to convey your point and make the issue clear.

4. Appreciate her creativity 

Aside from being smart, every girl loves to be creative and they will express it in some simple ways. It might be the nicknames they have for you, the gifts that they have bought for you, the craft things, etc. Spend time to notice them and try to complement them. Not only for girls, but every human being also loves to get some appreciation and this is the source to boost them. So, never fail to compliment her with nice words.

5. Let your words appreciate things that she does for you 

As a girl, something will keep on moving in her mind and she might have thousands for you. However, you might not always be calm and praising her. It is not wrong in being rough with her. It might also end up with a fight. However, you need to realize what your fault and nothing wrong in asking her. Remember that she is your partner and you are more important to her from different aspects. You have the right to scold her, but it is your responsibility to make her calm. Just keep in mind that “when to fail with your partner, win in your life”.

Time to appreciate her! 

So, you have gone through certain things that will help you to praise her and make her happy. So, do you think just words will be enough for all these? Might be! When you are adding a gift with these beautiful words, it will be a great way to make her happy. So, just visit JENNY DE FLEUR and it is the huge online portal that will offer a gift for different occasions. Get into the site and look for the available gifts. Find the right one and place the order over it. The gifts will reach you shortly, so you can present it to her and start celebrating your love!


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5 Awesome Health Benefits of Flowers

We already know how soothing fresh flowers are to look at, but did you ever think about how they can actually be good for your  health? The truth is there are surprising health benefits of fresh flowers, which is info I want to scream far and wide.

More and mores studies are showing that flowers are more than just something pretty for the eyes, but they can offer benefits to our state of health as well. I know I feel better when I keep fresh plants and flowers in the house, even if they are nothing huge it helps me feel a bit more relaxed and makes the space more inviting.

On the days where my house feels like a big top circus, I especially welcome that. So how exactly are flowers good for us? You know I’m going to tell you! Take a look:

1. They can add humidity to the air.
This is one of my favorite health benefits of fresh flowers. Fresh plants and flowers can help add humidity to a space. Why is this important? Because humidity in an otherwise dry space can help with dry throats, sniffles, and sneezes. If dry air is an issue in your house, keeping fresh plants and flowers around can help.

2. Color can have an effect on your creativity.
Just because you are an adult now doesn’t mean you don’t still have your “favorite colors.” Our favorite colors can help us feel calm, happy, inspired, and even safe. Keeping fresh flowers that are in your favorite hues are a great way to feel happier and more at ease, allowing you to tackle problems more efficiently.

3. Scent is a powerful mood booster.
During a long Midwestern winter I long for the smell of fresh plants and flowers. When cabin fever kicks in and I start to get sluggish, the smell of spring flowers can make all the difference to my mood.

4. The color green may help you lower your stress level.
There have been many studies done on how the color green can help people feel more relaxed and at ease. Green foliage can help in the same way! If you are prone to stress or anxiety, keeping fresh green foliage around may be able to help.

5. The opportunity to nurture something can boost our happiness.
Just the tasks involved with caring for flowers and plants can help us feel happier. Whenever we nurture something smaller than ourselves we can feel more fulfilled and find some pride in ourselves. I sometimes think that is what I am so happy during gardening season. Caring for plants and watching them grow feels amazing.


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5 Amazing Benefits of Sending Flowers To Your Loved Ones

Contacting your local flower shop and sending flowers to a loved one is a perfect gesture welcomed for any event. From happy occasions like birthdays to offering condolences for a loss, flowers are the best gift to give. Most people enjoy receiving flowers in any shape, color, or form. Aside from their natural beauty, these incredible plants illuminate elegant aromas and promote positive influences that can benefit anyone who received them.

Improved Mood

Flowers are great for improving mental health. By having a flower shop deliver flowers to someone you care about, you are proactively going to be heightening their mood. Even if they are already happy to begin with, flowers can enhance those endorphin provoked emotions, making the moment feel even better. Not to mention, thanks to their aroma therapeutic powers, flowers are proven to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, leaving the home’s atmosphere entirely relaxing.

Can Help People Heal Faster

Do you know someone who is not feeling well, or is recovering from a sickness? If so, sending them flowers is the ideal route to go. Not only will flower delivery make them more positive, but it will also help with their recovery. The healing process can be stressful, and the more stressed someone is, the slower they will recover. Flowers are known to relax people, therefore promoting faster healing time for them.

Flowers Promote Creativity

Believe it or not, flowers can influence and be an excellent catalyst for creative thinking. The different array of colors and scents can stimulate your mind and encourage you to focus. This elevated concentration can open the doors to much more productiveness and promote innovative ideas that you may not have thought of otherwise in a colorless room. This is why sending flowers to someone who works in an office or someone with a creative block is fantastic to help them thrive.

Flowers Bolster Your Relationships

If you are looking for a way to enhance your relationships with friends, family, or your significant other, then flowers can certainly help with that. Think about how you feel when someone you care about sends you a gift. It may make you want to return the kind act, right? Sending flowers generates more compassion towards the deliverer, and makes them much more willing to reciprocate. This back and forth gesture fosters healthy behaviors that make for prospering relationships.

Improve Interior Design

Another great thing about flowers is that they are easy to incorporate into any home and room, making them an outstanding addition to brighten interior aesthetics. Flowers are extraordinarily diverse, allowing them to be customizable and effortlessly complement any home design. They can come in so many different vases, colors, and styles that it is nearly impossible not to find one that will match. Anyone would love to get flowers that they can showcase in their home to enhance its overall appeal.


When it comes to flowers and opting for flower delivery, you can never go wrong, especially with a reputable flower shop who can design high-quality displays. As you can see, besides the beauty flowers hold, you are also sending your loved one all of the amazing benefits that come with them. No matter what the situation is, you can solidify your confidence that you will brighten someone’s day by delivering gorgeous flowers that will leave lasting gratification long after the flowers fade.

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5 Wonderful Benefits of Having Flowers in Your Home

1.  They boost your mood


The study notes that women who received flowers overwhelmingly reported that they improved their mood. Researchers believe that this is because “flowers provide the opportunity for nature contact, an established health-promoting environmental exposure.”

2. And not just for women. For men, too!

This study focused entirely on women, which is no surprise, given that women are traditionally seen as the recipients of flowers.But JENNY DE FLEUR found that flowers induced a very positive reaction in both women and men when they were randomly handed out to people in elevators.

3.  They actually help you physically heal

Flowers “had significantly more positive physiologic responses evidenced by lower systolic blood pressure, and lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue than patients in the control room.”

4.  They boost your memory

One of the experiments in the aforementioned Rutgers study involved analyzing the effect that flowers had on those aged 55 and above. The fact that the flowers boosted the moods of the senior citizens was no surprise. What was unexpected is that they seemed to have a positive impact on their episodic memory.

5.  Flowers Reduces Stress

Studies show that patients who have flowers in their rooms are less anxious. They feel more optimistic about their post treatment care compared to patients who don’t have flowers in their rooms. Sending flowers to a funeral can provide warmth to the mourners and make them feel less stressful.

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Why Flowers Are Still The Perfect Gift For Loved Ones

1.    Different Shades are a Delicacy For Eyes

Rather than other gifts, flowers are the natural one that comes with different shades with unique characteristics and meanings. Besides, the remedies characteristic in flowers work the best one to attract someone you love. For years, it has been an ice-breaker for many people to break the silence between their loved ones. For instance, floral gifts are best to say apologize, thank you, care, and help to initiate a bond with people. Probably, people who send flowers online with the trust of the receiver won’t deny taking the flowers.

2.   Replacement For Emotional Words

Sometimes, it seems hard for many people to express their emotions in words. In that case, flowers are used as the replacement for their emotional words to speak their heart out. For years, people know the importance of flowers and their role in expressing feelings of admiration. In simple words, flowers speak the secret language of love and are magnificent to fill the love in dull places. Fresh flowers are always the right gift to show gratitude and bring a smile on the recipient’s face instantly and express your sympathy exactly than other gifts.

3.   Unique Fragrance Work as a Health Remedy

Studies and experiments show that it has the power to help cure medical diseases for many centuries. Beyond the beauty and emotional factor, there are some flowers that are major ones to prepare health medicines. The unique fragrance from the flower helps people to fight against nausea and works as a pain reliever.

Extensive ranges of JENNY DE FLEUR flower box are suitable to send to any location within the country limit. Possibly, you can order the flowers previously online to avoid last-minute hassles. In simple words, it helps to divert the mind of people into fragrance instead of worrying about the problems.

4.  The Best Stress Buster

Flowers are recognized as a mood changer and have the capacity to relieve people’s stress. Behind the latest initiatives, each flower is proven to degrade the worse mood and improve the spirits. People give flowers as gift for loved ones when they are looking to give their presence and kindness.

Almost all people turn happier whenever they receive a beautiful floral arrangement from their cared ones. On another side, it works excellent to uplift someone by bringing positivity into their lives. In such a wordless situation, flower gifts are the best ones to boost the receiver’s morale and take them into the comfort zone to think about the next step of their lives.

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5 Stunning Health Benefits of Flowers

1. Flowers can help heal the common cold.

While plants and flowers aren’t exactly the cure to the common cold that has eluded scientists and researchers for centuries, they can certainly help make a dent in the pesky (and sometimes dangerous) illness. During winter months especially – when the lack of humidity breeds infection – flowers add moisture to the air. This moisture helps with dry skin, dry throat and dry cough: all factors that contribute to seasonal illness. This additional moisture contributed by plants and flowers helps prevent, or at least shortens, the life of the common cold and helps people return to good health.

2. Flowers can help improve mood.

At the most basic level, receiving flowers from someone can help lift a mood because it means someone cares, and that is always impactful. But even if the flowers are bought or planted and enjoyed by the same person, they can help improve mood because they look nice and smell good – two factors that are scientifically proven to provide an emotional boost. And an improved mood often leads to improved health. People who are in a good mood are more likely to bounce back from an injury or illness faster. Consider the fact that people often take flowers or plants to hospital patients. And for the most part, hospitals welcome this gesture as it helps patients take important strides toward recovery. Hospitals often have a green space on-site because healthcare professionals recognize the positive impact of exposure to plants and flowers.

3. Flowers improve memory.

What? Can this be true? Science says it can! Plants and flowers oxygenate the air, boosting brain cells, which improves memory, clarity and concentration. Think of plants and flowers as superfood for the brain cells!

4. Flowers aid relaxation.

The act of tending to flowers and plants can be relaxing, and gardening can specifically be a healthy way to work through stress or frustration. Also, the scent of flowers is known to aid relaxation, thus sachets and bath products are often floral. (Who doesn’t love a lavender-scented bath or candle?) Consider how often people visit a garden to relax. Though we may not understand the science behind it, it’s tough to deny that gardens aid in relaxation.

5. Flowers increase energy.

Having JENNY DE FLEUR  flower box around the home or office is linked to an increase in positive energy. The color and scent, specifically, boost energy. Additionally, flowers and plants are proven to increase creativity (they’re linked to an increase in positive energy). Place plants or flowers in a crafting space or any place where a mental boost would be helpful. Sit by a potted plant when reading or doing puzzles or brain exercises. Enjoy the view and benefits of increased mental energy.