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How to Celebrate International Women’s Day with Flowers

International Women’s Day is a worldwide celebration each year on March 8th which recognizes the social, cultural, and political achievements of women.

While many choose to celebrate this day by shopping at women-owned businesses and donating to organizations that help women, many people also plan to give flowers on this day. Here are a few ideas of how you can help them celebrate the women in their lives:

  1. Create an International Women’s Day Floral Collection

A great way to show your support is to design a collection just for this day. Use the color of International Women’s Day—purple—in your arrangements, and include mimosa flowers, as this is the floral symbol of International Women’s Day and a traditional sign of respect.

  1. Partner with Other Retailers

Reach out to local jewelry stores, wine shops, and gift stores to partner with them. Let them know that it can increase sales for both of you: Many florists have seen double-digit sales increases by partnering with another retailer for International Women’s Day.

  1. Use Social Media

The week leading up to International Women’s Day, and especially the day itself, post pictures to your social media feeds. It will showcase how much you care about this cause.

  1. Create YouTube Videos

Videos are a great way to create impact online, particularly on such a special and emotional day. A video lets people feel that emotion and can have a lasting impact, plus leave a positive image of your brand.


Jennife Shamini Alexander