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How to Celebrate International Women’s Day with Flowers

International Women’s Day is a worldwide celebration each year on March 8th which recognizes the social, cultural, and political achievements of women.

While many choose to celebrate this day by shopping at women-owned businesses and donating to organizations that help women, many people also plan to give flowers on this day. Here are a few ideas of how you can help them celebrate the women in their lives:

  1. Create an International Women’s Day Floral Collection

A great way to show your support is to design a collection just for this day. Use the color of International Women’s Day—purple—in your arrangements, and include mimosa flowers, as this is the floral symbol of International Women’s Day and a traditional sign of respect.

  1. Partner with Other Retailers

Reach out to local jewelry stores, wine shops, and gift stores to partner with them. Let them know that it can increase sales for both of you: Many florists have seen double-digit sales increases by partnering with another retailer for International Women’s Day.

  1. Use Social Media

The week leading up to International Women’s Day, and especially the day itself, post pictures to your social media feeds. It will showcase how much you care about this cause.

  1. Create YouTube Videos

Videos are a great way to create impact online, particularly on such a special and emotional day. A video lets people feel that emotion and can have a lasting impact, plus leave a positive image of your brand.


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On International Women’s Day, both men and women give the gift of flowers to the best women in their lives to show their appreciation. Though mimosa flowers play a big part in the history of this long-celebrated holiday, there are several other flowers that also make a perfect gift to be given on this International Women’s Day.

1 Purple Roses For Strong Women:

Roses typically carry the meaning of romance and love, but each colour has its own specific meaning. Associated with enchantment, passion, sophistication and royalty, purple roses are an excellent pick for International Women’s Day.

 4 Purple Roses For Hard Working Women:

Tulips are breathtaking spring flowers that are not only colourful and elegant, but also look fantastic on their own as well as in combination with other flowers. With a wide range of colour options available, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of tulips.

9 Purple Roses To Show Your Gratitude & Love:

Apart from roses, carnation is another popular flower type that can be gifted on International Women’s Day. Symbolising respect and friendship, carnations possess charm and allure, and are known to captivate the recipient. Choose white carnations to show your gratitude and red carnations to express your pure love.


9 Purple Roses for For Inspiring Women:

Lilies are known to capture the essence of femininity, which make them a perfect pick for women’s day. Though they generally represent purity and devotion, their meaning can vary depending on their type and colour.

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Flowers for International Women’s Day

On March 8th of every year, people around the world celebrate the women in their lives. We do not only do this through shopping at women-owned businesses and through raising funds or resources for organizations that support women, we also traditionally gift flowers for International Women’s Day as a token of our appreciation, to celebrate women’s achievements, and to show our continuous support.

Flowers for International Women’s Day

Gifting flowers on International Women’s Day has become a norm. Over the years, women and men alike have continued to give the gift of flowers to show their appreciation for the women in their lives. Although mimosa flowers have a special meaning and a part in the history of the long-celebrated holiday, there are other remarkable blooms out there that make the International Women’s Day celebration extraordinary and memorable. Purple, green, and white are the colors that are inextricably linked to IWD. Purple signifies justice and dignity. Green symbolizes hope. White represents purity, albeit a controversial concept.



Gifting roses is always a good idea, even for International Women’s Day. Roses generally carry the meaning of love and romance, but each color of roses typically have their own specific meaning. In true IWD fashion, purple roses are an excellent pick. Associated with royalty, enchantment, passion, and sophistication, it is a great way to show your appreciation to the strong women in your life.


Just as with mimosa, the tulip season also starts around this time of the year. But they are not only popular because of their availability. Tulips are wonderful spring flowers that are both colorful and elegant. This seasonal beauty looks fantastic in a bouquet and is a great option to celebrate International Women’s Day with. One could never go wrong with its just-the-right scent and wide range of color options.


Aside from roses, one of the most popular cut flowers for bouquets is the carnation. Carnations, also known as the ‘divine flower’ based on its Greek name Dianthus, offer an abundance of color options that generally symbolize friendship and respect. White carnations are associated with purity and luck, and pink carnations are often given as a sign of gratitude. Red carnations, not surprisingly, are an expression of pure love. Carnations are immediately recognizable flowers, and they possess a charm and allure that continues to captivate people around the globe.


Lilies capture the essence of femininity, making them a glorious and wonderfully fragrant pick for Women’s Day. They most commonly mean devotion or purity, though meaning can vary by type of lily, culture, and color. But because of the Greek myth of Hera and Zeus, lilies are often associated with rebirth, fertility, and motherhood.

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Mother’s Day Flowers and Their Meanings

Mother’s Day is a special day because mother is someone who takes care of us and always thinks about us and our future. Every mother loves her child to the moon and back, unconditionally till her last breath. A mother’s love is borderless and will never end.
As Mother’s Day approaches, we take some time to show our gratitude to our mothers and mother-figures who have raised us. No words are enough to express our gratitude towards them, so we gift them with respect and validation for their best practices in raising us. Finding the right Mother’s Day gift to show how much you appreciate her is not always the easiest thing to do. When you need a perfect gift to give your mom, flowers are always a great choice. The ultimate Mother’s Day gift is always appreciated and received with a smile.


Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day has different meanings and origins in various cultures. Around the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days, but most commonly in March and May.

There are many types of flowers that you can give to your mother on Mother’s Day. Since different flowers have different meanings, make sure you choose wisely.


Roses are one of the most popular flowers to give to someone you love. And if you’re looking for the perfect flower to express your love for your mom on her special day, you might want to pick up a bouquet of Roses.
Traditionally seen as a symbol of love, Roses have a wide variety of meanings, depending on the color of the flower.

While red Roses are traditionally associated with romantic love, pink Roses are ideal for family members to express your warm feelings in a solemn manner. Some of the meanings attached to pink Roses include admiration, gratitude, appreciation and care.

Yellow Roses symbolize friendship and caring. If your mom is your best friend, make sure she knows it.

White Roses stand for pure and honest love. They symbolize the virtues of motherhood and family life. White Roses are a simple and nice gesture to show your mom she’s special to you.

Orange Roses are used to send a message of enthusiasm. They can also mean “I am very proud of you”.


Chrysanthemums are also popular Mother’s Day gifts, especially in Australia where they are known as “Mums”. Other than having the word “mum” in their name, Chrysanthemums bloom in May just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day! They are the perfect gift to show your mom how loyal, loving and trusting she is.

Chrysanthemums have different meanings across cultures and religions. They can symbolize fidelity, friendship, modesty, loyalty, devotion, cheerfulness, longevity, good spirits, happiness, joy and beauty.


Bright, fresh Orchids make a thoughtful gift for any type of occasion, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Orchids are beautiful and long-lasting, thus symbolizing a mother’s love that can withstand any storm. There are over 25,000 species of Orchids that are officially recognized and even more hybrids, but no matter what species you looked at, Orchids are always exquisite.

Purple Orchids represent admiration and respect, so they will remind your mom that she is loved and appreciated.

Orchid varieties in shades of pink and white make meaningful choices for Mother’s Day, too. Pink Orchids symbolize grace, love, joy and happiness, while white Orchids are a symbol of purity and humility.


Tulips are perfectly suited to the Mother’s Day celebration as they usually bloom in spring. If your mom is a good-hearted person, Tulips are the best choice. As one of the most loved flowers, a bouquet of Tulips will be a wonderful gift for her.

Pink Tulips symbolize affection, happiness and caring, making them ideal to celebrate motherhood.

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Roses Color Meanings For The Perfect Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here! While the women in our lives deserve to be celebrated every day, it’s always a good idea to pull out all the stops for Mother’s Day. If you are thinking of getting your mother a bouquet of flowers for this special day, great! You’ve come to the right place. While many people think that flowers are a fleeting gift, we couldn’t disagree more. Flower box are a wonderful way to tell your mom how you really feel about her. After all, a rose isn’t just a rose, and a sunflower means more than just a sunflower! Each flower has its own special meaning, and the right bouquet can show your mom just how much you love her.



The rose is one of the most common ways to say “I love you” with flowers. It’s no secret roses come in many colors, so we want to discuss the meaning of each below.

Red Rose

Red roses exemplify deep emotions such as love, longing, desire, admiration, and devotion. Often a bouquet of 12 red roses is an elegant and sincere way to show your mom you love her.

White Rose

White roses symbolize purity and innocence.

Yellow Rose

Yellow roses will shower your mom with feelings of joy, happiness, and warmth. They often signify caring and friendship, making them less romantic than other roses.

Pink Rose

Pink roses convey admiration, joy, and gratitude. Deeper pink roses also symbolize elegance.

Orange Rose

Orange roses represent passion and energy. They are fiercer than other roses, so they often represent feelings of desire and romance.

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Roses Meaning for Mother’s Day

Flower Meanings: Roses

If all else fails, you can always turn to roses. If your mother is very traditional, roses might be the best option for her. While red roses are traditionally associated with romantic love, a lighter red or deep pink colour denotes gratitude and appreciation.A red rose symbolizes love and affection, a yellow rose symbolizes friendship and gratitude, and a pink rose symbolizes friendship and affection. In addition, yellow roses are believed to represent a caring nature, while white roses are associated with purity and brightness. Considering their meaning, any combination of these spring-time coloured roses would make the perfect for this holiday bouquet for your more traditional mom.

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Top 5 Flowers for Mother’s Day


A tried and true bouquet of elegant roses never misses the mark for Mother’s Day. Choose yellow for joy, dark pink for gratitude and appreciation, pale pink for admiration. But there’s no need to get hung up on roses’ symbolic meanings.

Choose her favorite hues and you won’t go wrong with these all-time favorite flowers for Mother’s Day.


Did you pick bouquets of dandelions for your mom when you were a kid? An arrangement overflowing with wildflowers is a grown-up way to capture that free-range spirit—without the risk of bee stings.

Daisies are one of the top 10 flowers for Mother’s Day, and these sweet wildflowers come in many colors, though white with a yellow center is the most iconic.


It turns out that some moms are painfully practical. If this sounds familiar, we suggest skipping the extravagant basket overflowing with exotic blooms and going with a beautiful arrangement heavy on carnations. They can be modest and charming or quite elegant and dramatic depending on the colors and styling, but they’re never ostentatious.


With blooms the size of a softball, it doesn’t take many hydrangea stems to create a truly spectacular show. They’ll last about a week with a little care, and they dry beautifully.


Tulips are perhaps the perfect flower for Mother’s Day, as they aren’t overly romantic and come in a variety of colors and meanings. This popular flower is a beautiful sign that we’re being ushered into Spring.

Pink tulips are definitely the most appropriate choice for friends and family.

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The most appropriate Mother’s Day flower

Your mother’s care and love helped shape and mold the person you are today. Thanks to Global Rose, finding the perfect floral gift to honor her this upcoming Mother’s Day has been made not only inexpensive, but easy and informative! When the time comes, with the help of this guide we’re hoping to ensure that not only will your Mother absolutely love her flowers, but that you’ll have the knowledge to accurately detail some of more the lesser known meanings behind flowers you’ve chosen for her.


What Flower is commonly used to symbolize Mother’s Day?

Traditionally speaking the go to Mother’s Day flower is the Carnation. Pink Carnations are perfect for expressing gratitude and Red Carnations represent your admiration for the recipient, while White Carnations are typically adorned and and worn symbolically in remembrance of a mother who has passed away.

Should I get her Roses?

Though not the quintessential Mother’s Day flower, roses have historically been linked to mythological and religious related maternal figures across both ancient and modern times.  The Rose is an indomitable classic! Choosing this flower is never the wrong choice, especially when you find the perfect color.

What color of Rose is best?

Perhaps the most intriguing part about Roses as gifts are the many nuanced and hidden meanings and gestures behind the colors of Roses. While Pink Roses symbolize elegance, grace, and an appreciation for the recipient, yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy. Red Roses while beautiful, are more often than not traditionally viewed as a romantic gift, making them excellent choice for fathers looking to surprise their wives on Mother’s Day.

What’s the best selling flower on Mother’s Day?

While Roses and Carnations are generally thought of as the big heavy hitters of the floral industry during gift giving holidays, you’d be surprised to learn that the number one selling flower as of Mother’s Day in 2011 is actually the Gerbera Daisy, followed by Lilies and Tulips at a close second and third. Other favorites include Orchids, Irises, Calla Lilies, and the aforementioned Carnations and Roses.

What do I need to arrange my Mother’s Day Flowers into the perfect gift?

Jenny De Fleur has an excellent selection of premade arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages, but for a truly unique and inspired Mother’s Day gift.


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Why Is It So Important To Give Flowers To Your Mom On Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Are you struggling what to give to your mom on Mother’s Day? While you know there are some gifts that she’ll enjoy, giving flowers to your mom might consider as a simple gift to you. However, the simplicity of flowers made them the perfect gift to receive on Mother’s Day. Why is it so important to give flowers to your mom?

Flowers are signs of fertility and life , just like the gifts our mother gave us.

They are Non-Materialistic

The majority will think that buying an expensive gift is something that will bring a broad smile to their mom’s face immediately. In fact, materialistic gifts often have no meaning. Hence, giving flowers symbolizes something better. Receiving a bouquet of flowers will immediately make them feel special and appreciated. This is one of the gestures that are way more thoughtful than any other expensive gifts.

They Show That You Care

Flowers always show that you care for them – your mom. Besides that, symbolizes something (means you cared for them) and also transcend materialism. Buying a bouquet of flowers for your mom is considered as a non-materialistic gift because it is not expensive and is affordable for the majority. However, time and effort are required when you are choosing the right flowers for your mother. Heart and message are all about what the flowers symbolize rather than the flowers itself.

They are Fragrant

Just as the beautiful fragrance of a flower is able to refresh a person’s mind, it does not need any talented individual to conclude that flowers are fragrant. Flowers can sometimes be magical ask it automatically to brighten up a person’s day and mood. You may try to sprinkle some water on the flowers to have an instant fragrance in the room.

They are Environmentally Friendly & Beautiful

Other than its own fragrance, the vivid colors also made the flowers to be special. These vivid colors can make any place to be a thousand times more beautiful and its look is more pleasant when they are brightened up in any venue or occasion. Observe your mom’s smiling face when you give a bouquet to your mother.

We hope you have no more doubts about whether flowers are good presents for your mom. Flowers are meaningful than materialistic items, and gifts that can directly show them that you cared for them. Hurry up and buy flowers for your mom to put that smile on their face!

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5 Favorite Flowers To Give Mom On Mother’s Day

One of the most time-honored, traditional gifts to give to mothers everywhere are flowers, which are always appreciated. Here are our recommendations for the five best flowers to give this Mother’s Day.


One of the most time-honored, traditional gifts to give to mothers everywhere are flowers! Flowers are always appreciated. Here are our recommendations for the best flowers to give Mom:


Roses are a classic, which makes them a great gift for the mother who tends to be traditional. Skip the red, which is typically associated with romance, and instead opt for pink, which represents appreciation, love, and gratitude. White is another good option because it symbolizes purity, and cream-colored roses are for thoughtfulness.


The pink carnation specifically represents a mother’s love, but white, which symbolizes pure or unconditional love and good luck, is another good choice. As a bonus, carnations are one of the longer lasting cut flowers that you can buy, which means your gift will last.


Coming in shades of white, pink, red, and sometimes even purple, peonies make a great arrangement for Mom. These flowers represent a variety of things, from honor and good fortune to happy marriages — perfect if you want a gift that also gives a nod to the father of the family. Best of all, peonies can grow quite large, which means a bouquet of these blooms is certain to make a showy centerpiece. And they smell wonderful!


The orchid is the flower to get for the trendy mother, the woman who loves new fashions, exotic stylings, and bold colors. They are considered the most “highly evolved” of flowering plants, and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. They’re an easy houseplant to care for, too. If you’re wondering which color to get, try pink, which represents elegance, poise and femininity.


Tulips have many of meanings — and each differs depending on the color you choose. Purple represents royalty, for instance, while red is for romantic love. Pink is often said to represent affection and white could either represent cheerfulness or it could be given as an apology. And there are so many varieties of tulips — fringed, parrot, French, lily-fringed, and many more — each one as unique as mom. No matter what color or variety you choose, tulips are the quintessential spring flower, sure to bring your mom a bit of joy!



Tulips have many of meanings — and each differs depending on the color you choose. Purple represents royalty, for instance, while red is for romantic love. Pink is often said to represent affection and white could either represent cheerfulness or it could be given as an apology. And there are so many varieties of tulips — fringed, parrot, French, lily-fringed, and many more — each one as unique as mom. No matter what color or variety you choose, tulips are the quintessential spring flower, sure to bring your mom a bit of joy!