Founder Jennife Shamini Alexander attentive in flowers started when she was a child where her house was  decorated with various flowers and colors according to the color theme of house curtain, table cloths and sofa.  Her grandparents besides alike to plant flowers outside the house.

 So, she grew up with a flowery atmosphere all around. This made her start an interest in flowers and believe  flowers can change a person’s mood and bring a smile on their face. She also like to give and receive flowers from  someone because she believes this strengthens the relationship and is satisfied to see a smile on someone’s face.

 At this point of time, she decided to start a florist what she was passionate and help people connect and build a  healthy relationship by sending flowers to their loved ones.


Founder Jennife Shamini was fascinated in flowers and begin a flower business when her mother told that in the 80s flowers were presented in boxes and it was very elegant also classy.

From there founder Jennife Shamini was interested in her mother’s story and start imagining the beauty of flowers in a box from there she made her decision to make flowers boxes and also bring back traditions ancient times.