we bring flower for life

Scented flowers are beautiful hand-made soap look just like real flowers and use it as a perfect gift for someone or a lovely treat for yourself.

Roses is the only way to be happy

JENNY DE FLEUR delivers beautiful and luxury flowers which will persuade and magnify anyone’s frame of mind. It will help to build relationship and shape boundaries to each other connect to healthier and luxury life style


JENNY DE FLEUR is a florist that helps everyone achieve receiving quality flowers. Unllike other florist, JENNY DE FLEUR come with luxury box.

Flower the wise choice

JENNY DE FLEUR luxury flower won’t dry and can keep for a long time. As flower is the most favorite gift to everyone but regretful cannot keep for extensive. Our flower can retain at least 1 to 3 years. Its also suitable for home and office decoration because the shape and beauty of our luxury flower box can give life satisfaction feel.

Promise her anything, but give her flower

JENNY DE FLEUR is a last long flower which is the mass popular floral, we arrange it in premier exclusive way and absolutely catch sight of marvelous gift and store up. Love to know roses it’s a symbol of innocence , friendship also everlasting love.

we bring flower for life

JENNY DE FLEUR florist expert delivering the most definitive flower box. Flower can offer feeling of joy and happiness without hesitate it can make someone smile so for bound receiver definitely will admire your flower box gift.



Jenny De Fleur florist provide elegant flowers love by everyone also proven quality outcome, guaranteed and trusted florist.

JENNY DE FLEUR is a florist own varies and exclusive of flowers which suitable for everyone and any occasions
Everyone loves flowers
JENNY DE FLEUR is a florist own varies and exclusive of flowers which suitable for everyone and any occasions
The shape and beauty of flower can give life satisfaction feel
It’s a symbol of innocence , friend and everlasting love
JENNY DE FLEUR offer a complimentary wishes card so customer can send message and wishes were help to desire and express of kind feelings for someone
It’s a unique flower gift for someone you loved or respect also they are just as elegant in wedding gifts, bouquets, and home decor.
Get stylish with roses
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