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JENNY DE FLEUR is a florist that helps everyone achieve receiving quality flowers. Unlike other florist, JENNY DE FLEUR come with luxury box.

Heavenly Flowers

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Get stylish with roses

JENNY DE FLEUR luxury scented flower won’t dry and can keep for a long time. As flower is the most favorite gift to everyone but regretful cannot keep for extensive. Our flower can retain at least 3 to 5 years.
Its also suitable for home and office decoration because the shape and beauty of our luxury flower box can give life satisfaction feel.

'New, this is it!"

Baby Breath Collection

Roses Collection

Hydrangea Collection

Feel it- baby breath!

JENNY DE FLEUR is a preserved baby breath flower that helps everyone achieve to keep last long. Unlike other baby breath flower, JENNY DE FLEUR easy to keep.


Any time, any place, baby breath


For a fresh change try baby breath

JENNY DE FLEUR is a preserved last long baby breath thinness flower which is the mass popular floral, we arrange it in premier exclusive way and absolutely catch sight of marvelous gift and store up. Love to know baby breath it’s a symbol of innocence , friendship also everlasting love.

Scented Roses Box

Preserved Baby Breath Box

Small Round Classic Blanche Box Demie

Small Round Classic Blanche Box Mélanger

Small Round Classic Blanche Box Combiner

Scented Hydrangea Box

Don't Forget your Free!

JENNY DE FLEUR offer a complimentary wishes card so customer can send message and wishes were help to desire and express of kind feelings for someone, this will succour customer and receiver get connected and devise a beautiful bounderies.

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